About Mia Moda

Mia Moda: My Life. My Way. My Style.

This is the chant of the new millennium.

The turn of this century has heralded many, many new things. And of all the new things that have impacted our lives, information technology has been one of the biggest factors. We are more aware, more socially, economically and politically conscious and with the vast amount of collective knowledge available to us, we are able to take informed decisions on how and where we spend out time, money and indeed our lives.

Mia Moda’s design incorporates all this and more.  Our design philosophy can be encapsulated with just this:

A fusion of Function and Fashion.

Mia Moda Baby
Mia Moda Baby
Mia Moda Baby

Every Mia Moda product incorporates cutting-edge technology that delivers both performance and safety. If you are a Millennial Parent, we have a Mia Moda product just right for you. Our European-style travel systems that are fashionable, fun and offer a full range of innovative design features such as all-wheel suspension, lockable swivel wheels, multi-recline seats, and full-coverage canopies.

Who says you can’t have something that’s trendy, very ‘right now’ but also makes no compromises or sacrifices in terms of ergonomy, engineering design and safety?

Just ask us and we’ll tell you! 🙂

Mia Moda is proudly owned by DOM Family.

The DOM Family

 DOM Family is the designer, manufacturer and supplier of quality baby products. It is a family owned and operated business with a team of highly talented and industry experienced executives (Moms & Dads) with young mind-sets. We work relentlessly in pursuit of excellence for our families (you + us). We innovate, design, develop and manufacture baby products that Moms love and families trust.

We are agents of transformation in a tough world and we aim to give your babies the best possible start in life.

Every DOM Family product is a result of our belief that our relentless effort in innovating new designs and products will reach more families and give them wider options.

The DOM Family Values

Our brands and range of products cater to all needs of our customers. Our products are designed and purpose-built in-house by our talented team and are easy to assemble. We use the best possible materials and a every item is a testimonial to the skill and love with which it is designed and produced. Our mattresses and bedding are made with pride in the U.S.A.

Our products are safe, comfortable, beautiful and affordable.