Why Mia Moda


At Mia Moda, we recognise that every family is unique and so are its needs. Even more unique is every baby. And especially so are the babies of this millennium – born in the Age of Information of families who have an enormous wealth of knowledge at their disposal and know how to use it.

We approach all our designs to baby gear with this understanding. While Safety and Utility are always foremost and can never take second place to aesthetics, we do not believe that aesthetics should take a back-seat either.

With Mia Moda, we have struck the golden balance.


Why Mia Moda: Form

Mia Moda products are universally stylish and modern. They are for today’s forward-thinking parents and their babies.

From multifunctional performance to style-conscious design, Mia Moda products combine the best of technology and trends, without compromising on quality or safety.


Why Mia Moda: Function

Our design and engineering is geared towards highly functional units. Performance is the key. While there is no sacrifice from the looks or the accessorizing departments, multi-functionality and ease-of-use take primacy.


Why Mia Moda: Adaptability

Maneuverability, adjustability and adaptability – these are three adjectives that apply equally to all our baby products. They are easy to store, easy to clean and come with a plethora of ingenious accessories to make them high-utility items.


Why Mia Moda: Safety

Our Strollers and other baby gear meet or exceed all industry-safety standards. The mechanisms are well-engineered with strong frames, safety harnesses and adjustable seats – all must-haves for baby strollers.

Value for Money

Why Mia Moda: Value for Money

The varied, yet affordable price-points ensure that there is a Mia Moda stroller for everyone. Head over to any of our retailers’ websites to check them out.

The Mia Moda Guarantee

Why Mia Moda: Guarantee

As with all DOM Family brands, Mia Moda products come with a limited product warranty and all the backing of a company with decades of experience and excellence in manufacturing baby gear. What more could you ask for? Really.